Monday 4 May 2020


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James Dalton

We all know Change is a constant. And if ever we needed confirmation of that old adage, Covid19 has delivered a very profound reminder. So I’m grateful that a close friend chose to send me what could become a three step realisation towards the new normal. It’s a beautifully simple journey-of-mind – and one that’s caused me to reflect in the most personal of ways and on the most fundamental of levels during the past few weeks.

STOP has passed quite quickly for me, as I found myself living at a natural pace – enhancing my connection to nature and the rhythms of life as we are meant to live. I help people and organisations embrace and navigate change in my professional life. But like billions of other members of the human family right now, I’m acutely aware of entering an Unknown, causing me to look deeply at the ‘Why’ that drives each and every one of us.

This time of reflection has emphasised to me the unnatural pace and unreal world that we inhabit at times – and injected a focus to retain more of this balance as we emerge from the current situation.

I’ve had time to connect deeper with family and friends: to read; to meditate; to walk in the sun noticing butterflies and birdsong and fish frolicking in the shallows.

I’ve watched my garden growing each day, millimetre by millimetre – and had the openness to ‘see it’ and feel part of it.

For once, I am a natural being in the natural world, with no ‘pulling’ from the unnatural world of ‘work’.

I’ve always had that connection, but it has deepened into almost 100% immersion. And it is good.

So ‘GET READY’ will be a deep taking of breath. A working out of how to carry this profound core stability I now find within myself into our ‘new world’. Whatever that new world may be.

And ‘GO’ The Go will reveal itself for what it is. A natural process, driven by my balance, deeper inner power and revealed insight.

One breath at a time.

James Dalton, Head of Learning & Engagement, PeopleStory.



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