Employer Branding for Recruiters


Employer Branding for Recruiters


We engaged the PeopleStory team to develop our EVP which formed the narrative for our recruitment portal and wider candidate attraction strategy. They responded superbly to create an exemplary branding and employment communications programme that has given us the strongest possible foundation moving forward.
Trevor Davis, CEO, AdminRe Life & Pensions

What’s it about?

Most recruiters know how to use social media to post jobs and source candidates. But the most sustainable results come when we move beyond job sharing and adopt a marketing-led approach to talent attraction. Our Employer Branding Workshop looks at how individual recruiters can use their social media profiles to help activate their employer brand – and use content ‘funnels’ to attract and convert their target audiences.

We look at the rising impact of individual voices on social media, and the steps in-house recruiters can take to become talent ambassadors and ‘brand storytellers’ on LinkedIn (or elsewhere). You’ll learn how to plan, source and create content that’s optimised for reach and engagement, including practical exercises and activities on the day. Some of the key takeaways you’ll enjoy include:


  • Higher return and better results from your overall social media recruitment activities.
  • Enhanced awareness of your employer (and personal) brand within your target communities.
  • Access to a bigger pool of talent on social media, with a positive impact on quality, cost and time to hire.
  • Even the busiest recruiter can adopt a few simple marketing techniques and tools to get ahead of the competition – come along to discover how!

What will be achieved?

Our Employer Branding Workshop is designed for hands-on, in-house recruiters who use social media as part of their everyday role to source and attract talent – so familiarity with LinkedIn and the other leading social media networks would be helpful.


By the end of the Workshop, you’ll understand:


  • The current social media landscape and the rising impact of individual voices over corporate posts.
  • The ‘advocate journey’ – from silent to brand storyteller in just 3 steps.


Your role as Brand Ambassador.


  • The candidate attraction ‘funnel’ from Awareness to Action – and how to plan and share content that works at each stage.
  • How to create and share content that’s optimised for reach and engagement on the leading social networks.
  • How to maintain a consistent, content-led, presence across social media.
  • How to use free tools and technologies to work more efficiently.
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