Leadership Development Programme


Leadership Development Programme


What’s it about?

This five-day Leadership Development Programme(built around stand-alone modules) is launched through a one-day core foundation, followed by four full-day modules designed to develop management and leadership skills centred on the person, their direct team and their overall business.You also have the option to run each of the modules individually, to meet any particular need in your team.


    • Core Foundation Module
      1 day


    • Module 1 – Managing Yourself
      1 day


    • Module 2 – Leading Your Team
      1 day


    • Module 3 – Leadership and developing others
      1 day


  • Module 4 – Coaching & Mentoring
    1 day


More than ‘just’ enhancing individual effectiveness through greater management skills and self-awareness, this unique programme is an ongoing catalyst for continual learning and growing – a ‘fast-track-readiness’ route for potential managers to take on new roles as they arise.

What will be achieved?

Prework and postwork for each module, supported by the participant’s line manager, is a key strand of this programme, fully maximising current performance and future potential, across the following modules:


  • Manager Core Foundation Module
    1 day

    • Forms the core foundation of the development programme
    • Establishes the link between Employee Experience and Customer Experience
    • Focuses on the role of the manager to create the service climate
    • Explores the four supporting modules from the programme
    • Establishes an understanding of the customer profit chain
    • Introduces the Engage, Enable and Empower model which drives the four modules
    • Session on employee engagement and the engagement enablers
    • Establishes a key understanding of human behaviour and neuroscience critical when managing others
    • Motivates and inspires attendees to complete the rest of the programme which is then interweaved with elements from the Core Foundation module
    • The day will also include a personal profiling session where delegates will learn their preferred leadership style which will be referred back to in other modules during the programme.


    • Module 1 – Managing Yourself


    • Managing Yourself
    • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
    • Transactional v Transformational management
    • Personal Brand & Perceptions
    • Time Management/Urgent v important
    • Circle of Influence and Concern
    • Living the Values, Mission and Behaviours
    • Wellbeing and Health – and that of your team.


    • Module 2 – Leading Your Team


    • Engaging your team and the Four Enablers
    • Change and Neuroscience
    • The case for Engagement/Profit Chain
    • Team development levels
    • Creating the environment for success
    • Engage, Enable and Empower
    • Communication – listening and telling
    • Engaging behaviours and the service climate.


  • Module 3 – Leadership and Developing Others
    • Situational leadership profiles
    • What is managing performance?
    • Development levels of others Motivation
    • Developing others – competence and commitment
    • One minute management
    • Performance development cycle
    • Building belief and trust
    • Flexible leadership.


  • Module 4 – Coaching and Mentoring
    • Coach/Mentor /Manage /Train
    • One minute mentoring /coaching
    • Questioning techniques and practice
    • Planning for success – what might get in the way?
    • Learning styles of coachees and mentees Skill/Will matrix
    • The GROW model.
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