Sourcing Skills for Recruiters


Sourcing Skills for Recruiters


It was really good to practice the fundamental techniques of Sourcing, as well as discovering new platforms and X-ray searching for hard to find professionals. The delivery was very supportive, with great content, plus an excellent guide book and takeaways.
Martha Fishwick, Resourcing Specialist, Harrods

What’s it about?

This one-day course is tailored to build on the current level of Sourcing expertise in your team, giving you the knowledge and confidence to search for candidates who aren’t registered on job boards. It goes beyond basic Boolean searches and looks at the very latest techniques in being able to identify candidates through online conference attendee lists, alumni groups, competitor phone directories and niche online communities.


Our masterclass is delivered by one of the world’s top Sourcing experts and will show you how to:


  • Understand base-level and advanced Boolean operators
  • Develop highly effective search strings to identify candidates on conference attendee lists, alumni groups, competitor phone directories and niche online communities
  • Develop alternative ways of approaching passive candidates (not just through LinkedIn).


You’ll learn some great Advanced Sourcing Skills that enable you to find ‘the right’ candidates outside your LinkedIn network – through a highly practical workshop that tutors you to use your new skills immediately, identifying your targeted groups of candidates online during the masterclass.

What will be achieved?

Your Recruiters will learn how to get results through:


  • Advanced Boolean operators and modifiers
  • Field Search commands
  • X-raying (or site searching)
  • Finding lists: conferences, alumni, competitor information
  • Using People Search Engines


Beyond that, we’ll also explore best practice in ‘core’ Sourcing activity, including:


  • X-raying LinkedIn
  • Optimising your own LinkedIn profile
  • Building your LinkedIn network and making the most of groups
  • Building powerful search strings
  • Hunting for and with email addresses
  • Searching social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more.
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