Stakeholder Management


Stakeholder Management


The training has completely changed what we do with dramatic results. For the very first time, we’re now hiring Quantity Surveyors, Architects and even Director-level roles directly. And on a personal level, each of the courses have empowered me to help fulfil my own potential.
Amrit Sandhu, Senior Recruiter, Kier Group plc

What’s it about?

Our one-day Stakeholder Management workshop is designed to improve teamwork, self-awareness, productivity, relationships and communication between Recruiting Teams and Hiring Managers – raising the profile and credibility of the internal resourcing function as a key business partner, using an understanding of human behavioural science to shape a positive impact on all stakeholders, including candidates.

The workshop will enable your recruiters to:


  • Build an awareness of themselves and the key skills they bring to your team
  • A deeper understanding of their motivators – what drives them?
  • Understand the power of brand – not only the business’ but their own personal brand
  • How to plan and prioritise their busy recruiting workload
  • Identify, manage and influence all key internal stakeholders
  • Work more effectively throughout the business
  • Increase visibility and credibility of the in-house team to the wider business
  • Have a deeper understanding of what makes people tick, to deepen their stakeholder relationships.


    This highly practical and interactive course will also give your recruitment team the skills to effectively manage stakeholders by identifying different personality types and using a variety of influencing techniques to develop better relationships with key stakeholders – enabling you to extract the information you need to deliver an exceptional service and push back to the business when required; positioning your team as trusted Business Consultants to the wider organisation.

What will be achieved?

A Stakeholder Map will be created by each delegate, through an intensive and illuminating workshop that covers key areas, including:


  • What does the perfect Recruiting team look and feel like through the environment they create?
  • What is the power behind your brand – what is your unique ‘why’ you do what you do?
  • Understanding the role of a professional recruiter in the modern world
  • What does best practice in Stakeholder Management look like?
  • Understanding different people – the importance of individual differences and influencing using a variety of communication styles and strategies
  • Behaviours that make the strategies work – applying requisite skills for influencing and managing stakeholders to gain commitment
  • Dealing effectively with challenging behaviours to overcome resistance
  • Using knowledge and competence to influence others
  • How to constructively push back and challenge the business effectively.


Maximum benefit is achieved if your whole recruitment team can participate in the Workshop together.

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