Talent Development Programme


Talent Development Programme


What’s it about?

This comprehensive and highly engaging Talent Development Programme is structured around four half-day workshop, each designed to develop core skills, boost productivity and reinforce effectiveness – focused on ‘the participant and their direct team’. Uniquely, the participants’ managers form a key part of this programme, helping drive activity post workshops as part of their own development.

Each half-day module – Myself, My Team, My Customers and My Wellbeing & Health – bring milestone improvements; and taken as an overall Programme delivers an exceptionally deep and well-rounded course of development.

What will be achieved?

The half-day modules are carefully structured to bring maximum participant impact and embedded learning:

  • Module 1 – Myself

    • Effective time management: planning for success – urgent/important
    • Basic profiling – who am I?
    • Managing change and uncertainty
    • Circle of influence/control

  • Module 2 – My Team

    • Feedback, challenge and honest conversations
    • Working with others effectively
    • Communication and building trust
    • Team development stages: Engage, Enable, Empower

  • Module 3 – My Customers

    • Delivering your vision
    • Communicating with customers
    • Developing the customer relationship/dealing with conflict
    • It’s what you do; and how and why you do it
    • Effective customer planning – making it happen

  • Module 4 – My Wellbeing & Health

    • Mindfulness and Tai Chi
    • Personal Resilience
    • Other health related topics – rest, sleep, healthy eating
    • Identifying your own and others levels of stress: healthy stress versus unhealthy stress.
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